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Resumen de la oferta

Empresa: ThoughtWorks España S.L

Número de puestos: 2

Lugar de trabajo: Barcelona (Barcelona)

Tipo contrato: Indefinido para la contratación de personas con discapacidad

Salario bruto: Entre 30.000 € y 45.000 €

Duración jornada: Entre 31 y 40 horas

Turno/Jornada: Mañana y tarde


Funciones y tareas

  • When you join ThoughtWorks you join a wonderful community of people who are passionate about learning, and about sharing what they learn. A community that includes the people who write the books on software excellence and innovation, who write the tools that we all use. A community that is passionate about doing great work for interesting clients, and bringing those clients on a journey of change. A community that is determined to use software to improve lives. As a Consultant Software Developer at ThoughtWorks, here's what you can do: - Learn something new, everyday - Work on large-scale, custom-designed, enterprise-level software development projects using languages and technologies such as Java, Scala, Python, C#, Ruby, Golang, Javascript, etc. - Champion agile best practices and Continuous Delivery - Build strong relationships with business people - Facilitate problem solving and work with a team to make them reality - Work in a dynamic, collaborative, transparent, non-hierarchical, and ego-free culture where your talent, ideas and opinions are valued - Craft your own career path - without the confinement of a one-size-fits-all plan - Help to grow the next generation of developers and have a positive impact on the industry, and beyond Here’s what you’ll bring: - Passion for software engineering and craftsman-like coding prowess - Great OO skills, including strong design patterns knowledge and enterprise integration - Experience working with Agile, Lean and/or Continuous Delivery approaches and best practices, such as Continuous Integration, TDD, BDD, Infrastructure as Code etc. - Ability to work in a variety of client settings and in a team-oriented, collaborative environment - Knowledge of software best practices like Refactoring, Clean Code, Domain Driven Design, Encapsulation and much more

Conocimientos Informática

  • - Programación, Lenguajes de programación, Php(Alto)
  • - Programación, Lenguajes de programación, Html-5(Alto)
  • - Programación, Lenguajes de programación, Java(Alto)


  • Inglés: Comprensión auditiva - Alto, Comprensión lectora - Alto, Expresión escrita - Alto, Expresión oral - Alto

Experiencia laboral

Tiempo experiencia: Más de 2 años

Transportes viaje: Transporte público

Temporalidad viaje: Ocasionalmente

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